All framing begins with good design. A well-designed frame compliments your picture, engages the viewer, and preserves your art and memories for a lifetime.

Your framing should be a highly individualized expression of you. There are as many ways to approach frame design as there are people! Whether you need a piece designed for your office or your home, we have 1500+ frame types available, 3 major lines of matboard samples, and many custom possibilities. Your choices are endless. We’ll gladly guide you through the process and share our decades of knowledge with you.

Here are the framing options we provide:

Custom Framing

The sky is the limit for custom framing. We recommend you stop by our shop with your piece or artwork, so we can design something special for you and provide a quote in advance.

Did you know we also custom-frame mirrors, build shadow boxes for special memories (like baby wear, jerseys, tools and heirlooms) and provide custom lighting and rail hanging systems? We also provide other decorative framing methods, like dry-mounting, plaque-mounting or fitting your piece into an off-the-shelf ready-made frame.

We’d be happy to work with you on your ideas!

Green Framing

We use quality materials that are designed to last. Frame it well, and it will last a lifetime, and be a piece that you will love to keep or be proud to give as a gift.

Our business is as green as possible, using materials that are easy on nature’s resources. Good framing is green, naturally.

Mats made of cotton rag or purified alpha-cellulose are a recyclable material. You won’t need to replace them unless you want to, as we use matboard made to the Library of Congress standards for greatest longevity.

Wood moulding is made from a renewable resource, and we carry lines that are known as “forest friendly”, like the Larson-Juhl brand that helps restore forest ecosystems

Aluminum (metal) mouldings are recyclable.

Preservation Framing

Preservation framing refers to using materials and techniques of mounting, and more, that cause no harm to the object being framed, and have excellent longevity. Improper tapes and mounting methods can cause staining and other problems for your artwork.

We also frame your piece so it is reversible – that is, your item can be removed and remain in excellent condition even after years in a frame. This makes repairs much easier if your frame’s glass is broken or smoke or water damage occurs on your piece. In addition, this accommodates changes in the future if your make décor changes and need to update your mat or frame to match.

Ready-Made Frames

We know sometimes what’s needed is a quick frame picked off the shelf, or one that is more budget-conscious than a custom-built frame. We’ve pre-built many frames in standard sizes to our exacting standards and offer these for sale in our shop. These come in a variety of colours and finishes with standard glass inserts. We also carry a range of ready-made mat board inserts to pair with the frames.

When you need a quick framing solution but also want a more unique look than most off-the-shelf frames, check out our great selection. Our frames are very competitively priced!

Ready-made frames are available at Sunny Raven Gallery in the following sizes (sizes may change from time-to-time, depending on the demand):

  • 4”x6”
  • 5”x7”
  • 6”x8”
  • 8”x8”
  • 8”x10”
  • 8”x12”
  • 9”x12”
  • 10”x12”
  • 12”x12”
  • 11”x14”
  • 12”x16”
  • 16”x20”
  • 20”x20”
  • 20”x24”
  • 24”x30”


Caring for your hanging art

Here are practical considerations to ensure your framed piece lasts a lifetime.

Keep away from heat sources

Heat from furnace vents and fireplaces dry out frames so that corners shrink and gaps appear over time. Low household or office humidity can prematurely age a framed piece.

Light can damage your piece

Full sunlight fades just about everything. Florescent light, winter light reflected off snow and regular lighting can also damage framed art, so hang valuable pictures where you can control the amount of light that falls on the piece and use UV blocking glass that dramatically slows fading.

Humidity is a potential hazard 

While the Bow Valley environment is very dry, periods of rain and snow combined with poor ventilation can cause damage. Water-damaged items should be opened immediately to dry them out. Mould growth and rust from metal brads and framing hardware can happen very quickly and can regrow – even after it’s dry.

Use a proper cleaner

 Spray glass cleaner onto a cleaning cloth rather than the glass itself so that moisture doesn’t wick into the artwork. For large pieces framed with Plexiglas, simply dust or clean with a very soft cloth and a plastic cleaner or mild detergent (regular glass cleaners may contain ammonia, which can dissolve/scratch the plastic).

Water damage

If your framed picture is exposed to water damage (for example, flooding from a broken pipe), be sure to have the frame opened up ASAP, so that the art can dry out! This will limit mould damage, which is a great risk with prolonged high humidity. If paper artcan be dried between acid-free papers under weight, this may also limit the rippling that can occur, which may be hard to remove later. Call us for advice if you are unsure!